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The Eazi-Pod

About the Eazi-Pod

Imagery Solutions, LLC understands the importance of having the means to collect our own aerial imagery over large areas. We have developed a high performance sensor expressly for this purpose called the Eazi-Pod.

The Eazi-Pod has been created to offer a flexible and affordable approach to collecting various types of imagery data. It is a self-contained device that is controlled by an operator located inside the aircraft cockpit. This design makes the Eazi-Pod extremely flexible to connect to any light aircraft with a wing strut configuration, and operate for the entire time the aircraft is aloft if needed. The sensor cameras are protected inside the Eazi-Pod and can quickly be removed and replaced, as collection needs change.

The Eazi-Pod allows collection of high quality images. When coupled with our post-mission processing and delivery services, imagery products can be quickly made available to our customers - all at an affordable cost.

Eazi-Pod Specifications

  • FAA approved

    • Sensor Pixel Resolution: Electro Optical, 20 Megapixels, Photometric and NIR

    • Image Stabilization: Optical and Electronic

    • Battery and Operating Time: 12.8 VDC at 15 Amps, approximately 7 hrs.

    • Sensor Controls and Communications: Wireless (WIFI) PC/Tablet Controlled

    • Length and Weight: 24” (L) x 8.5” (W) x 7” (H); ~ 20 lbs.

    • Material: Aluminum and Composite Material (RF Transparent)

    • Safety: Short Circuit Protection, Overcharge Protection, Charging Control

    • Protection: Battery fire cage protection, Voltage Regulation Board, easy access to sensor and electronics

    • Orientation: Adjustable for side looking or Nadir orientation.

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