Agricultural Data Processing

Imagery Solutions, LLC core work evolves around collection, processing and presentation of information from imagery and related metadata. Many people are excited when they see our UASs flying, but the key element of what we bring is using science to help you solve problems. There is a great deal of information available imagery products. For example, a photograph of a field or garden taken from ground level provides information about the visible portion of the plants, trees, surrounding buildings, etc you can see in that picture. However, when the photograph is taken from overhead, you now can clearly see the extent of a planted area. You may be able to see the individual plants in the area. You can see when there may be bare spots where plants should be. These examples come from the different perspective view that an aerial image provides.

However, would you like to know more about the state of the plants you see? If an indication of plant health could be captured, including the GPS location, of where plants exhibiting poor health are located - and provided in time that action can be taken to remedy the problems - that would be very useful! Imagery Solutions, LLC can now provide farmers with information and tools that can deliver information in time to take action resolving before they become large and costly.

Aerial image data can be combined in ways that reveal information about plant health that is very advantageous to growers. This example shows the raw input images our sensors collect:

With proper processing, the above image pair can be converted to a different form that can illustrate where plants are healthy (green), showing signs of potential problems (yellow), or of areas where there are definite problems to investigate (typically seen as red, but can also be soil).

This information can be provided with sufficient lead time for the farmer to take action to correct the problem, then crop yield can be improved at the end of the growing season. Proper timing of data collection is key!

Stand count can also be estimated by calculating the number of contiguous objects within the viewable area. This requires imagery collection be done shortly after the plants have emerged, but before the canopy has grown together. This automated process has proven to be very accurate and useful.

Accurate field position information can be provided with crop health imagery through use of advanced data gathering methods and tools can help reduce the farmer's time and resources, thereby potentially reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Aerial surveys and imagery collection can timed to follow key plant growth stages or regular periods, showing growth and related health trends. Careful selection of aerial collection times can keep costs low while still providing farmers with important information that can be utilized to maximize crop yield.

Imagery Solutions, LLC agricultural solutions can provide farmers with the tools and/or services to increase crop performance knowledge, with the express purpose of lowering costs, while still providing valuable information to enhance yield and profit.

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