Our Mission

Provide accurate, reliable information derived from imagery and related data.

To apply our technology for multiple uses and increase food product output.

Imagery Solutions, LLC - located in the greater Dayton, Ohio area

Imagery Solutions, LLC is a engineering services company that specializes in providing decision-oriented information derived from airborne imagery data. The major features of our business includes:

    • Affordable, cost-effective tools and services

    • High quality imagery and reliable information

    • Unmanned aircraft used for imagery collection

Why should you be interested in our services and products?

Our team of experts has years of experience working in imagery gathering, processing and products. Our purpose is to use that experience to help growers reduce the cost point to obtain valuable information to help them increase crop yield and output. The following pages highlight the growing set of capabilities, specialized tools and information our team can provide to you - in time for action to be taken to remedy problems and enhance your profit margin!

Our experience applied to your benefit!

Our team of experts has decades of experience working with complex sensors, leading edge processing methods and flight equipment operations. We excel in creative solutions derived from aerial imagery data to benefit multiple markets. By working with Imagery Solutions, LLC. our customers can depend on an affordable alternative for their imagery-based solutions and decision information.

Imagery Solutions, LLC. uses specialized equipment and software applications to enable the services and deliver the products to our customers. The important element for quality image collection starts with the sensor. We use small, commercially available sensors. We modify these sensors as needed for tailored imagery collection and data analysis. This also facilitates continuing use of these sensors with small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs). Accordingly, we only use FAA-certified and licensed UAS operators. In addition, we are working toward use of manned aircraft to carry the sensors aloft - and still achieve affordable service delivery to our customers!

On Demand Imagery

“On-demand imagery…timely, relevant and accurate information” is the basis for our company to view all actions, decisions and how we conduct our business. Maintaining our focus on these fundamental elements will help ensure we deliver the best imagery information services possible.

The “On-demand imagery” premise has established a new precedent in delivery of information directly to customers using the latest in commercially available technologies. The advent of this information to our customers will establish a new media marketplace for rapid data acquisition and delivery of material to help educate or enable improved decision-making.